Beautiful Water


Where are my manners?  I pushed a plate of appetizers in front of you before even offering a drink.  I’m sorry.  Would you care for a glass of water?

Give yourself permission to beautify your water year-round.  Aside from looking good, “Spa water” IS good and can add additional health benefits to an already healthy glass of water. (I hope your water supply is healthy and clean. Iceland, I miss your water! Among other things.)

Today’s blend is kiwi, mint, and stevia. The mint and stevia are fresh from the garden.  I was going to try a mint, pineapple, lemon combination, but I couldn’t find an organic lemon, which I’d highly recommend if adding slices to the water.  I did find an organic kiwi.  Turns out I created a blood-pressure reducing, digestive cocktail.  All three ingredients are especially good digestive aids. And kiwi and stevia help reduce blood pressure. Mint also contains potent antioxidants and trace amounts of iron.  So, have a chew on some of the leaves too.

I used: 1 sliced kiwi

3 sprigs of mint

2 sprigs of  stevia


Have you made or had freshly flavored water?  If you don’t mind sharing, what’s your favorite combination?

 Maximize Health, Maximize Life – add beautiful water.


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