Between Worlds: An Interview with Ian Haag


Music has always been part of my massage and reflexology sessions.  In my 32 year health-care career, one CD has stood above the rest.  It’s requested over and over. In fact, if I don’t have it already in the CD player and turned on, I am often asked, “Where is Ian’s flute music?” With every listen to Between Worlds I hear something new. Ian’s presence and connection are apparent. It is, not only relaxing, it’s other worldly, hauntingly beautiful, and whole. I love it and my clients love it – unanimously.

Ian Haag created this CD. In doing so, he has added beauty to our world and reminds us of the beauty already in our world. I’d like to introduce him to you.

Jo: How did you come to play the flute?

Ian: When I was a child I felt very alone and isolated. I suffered from much abuse and pain in my household and also in school. I spent most of my time alone in nature. I’ve always had a strong connection to shepherds and hermits. I understood how they connect with nature and always played wind instruments. Like the Greek god Pan. In nature the birds played many songs and brought much healing to my life. I wanted to play music and sing just like these birds, so I bought a flute and taught myself with lessons from nature. I never really felt like I’ve learned, but simply remembered to play. The flute helps me express a special prayer or can be a tool to help my heart open up and speak to the world, no matter what my mind may be telling me. It helps me connect with other people through music, even though I am very shy.

How do you go about writing your songs?

The songs for my flute are not written, but inspired. Everything in my environment has an impact on the sound. The shapes, colors, and patterns are what form the sound I feel. The music and the songs don’t necessarily come from me, but through me, and through the heart. The people, plants, color, wind, all the elements are musical notes in the environment. Sometimes mixed with a very short melody that comes from my brain. Naturally melodies that brought personal healing and strength for myself.

Do you have a flute collection?

I love to collect flutes! I have over 45, and growing. Some special ones specifically made by certain artists inspire me or touch me in some way. Plus there are many styles. Every flute is unique and special, and every time I pick a new flute up I learn a new song or something new about myself. They are like members of my family. The different colors to different textures, the woods, the sounds, each one is so special for a different type of mood or experience that I may be going through or wish to share with another.

What was this first recording session like for you?

The first recording session was a different experience, that is to say the least. It was hard for me to get used to playing with headphones on. Also dealing with all the mechanical things was new, yet it was a great learning experience and also a very grounding experience. An opportunity I am grateful to have. Every song on the album was created in the studio that night. I didn’t plan, I didn’t prepare, I just went there and played.That’s sort of how I like to do everything.

Do you play other instruments as well?

I collect and play all types of world instruments. I will play any instrument I can get my hands on or at least try! I play crystal bowls, singing bowls, Himalayan metal bowls, gongs, monochords, rattles, and more. I am always looking for ways to create sound. I love ancient instruments and discovering new ones. Whether I’m playing it right or wrong, it’s just got to sound good to me when I play for fun. A secret hobby of mine that I love is circuit bending. It is like painting with sound. I love making art.

Where can we hear your music live?

My music is played live at all the many meditations, classes, workshops, and sound journeys that we do. I also play live for my clients during private healing sessions. I consider the flute a very sacred medicine that enables me to pray and see differently. I will play with anybody, anywhere, anytime because I love the ability to be able to connect and jam. I am always open to new opportunities to play live and share my music.

Why Between Worlds?

Between Worlds has so many meanings. The full title “Transition Between Worlds” is the last song on the album. Between Worlds means the cycle of life. In the beginning of life, in birth, we come into this world and when we die, we transition and leave this world. It is what we do in the between time. It also represents the strength and the ability to be free of thoughts, free of emotion, free of feelings. The ability for us to change and move beyond certain obstacles. Between two worlds there is space, emptiness, and void. That emptiness and space also represents beauty, pureness, and freedom.

Where can I listen to a sample and buy your CD?

On our website: . At our store Rainbows of Healing 123 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne PA 19047 and through CD Baby:

Maximize Health, Maximize Life: find yourself Between Worlds.



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