New Client Form & FAQ

Form for New Clients

If you wish to save yourself a few minutes, you may print and fill out the attached client intake form prior to your appointment. This information is necessary for me to ensure you the safest and most effective massage I can offer.  Together, we will discuss and review the information.  If you have questions concerning anything on the form, please feel free to call or leave the space blank until your appointment.

Download the form here: Client Intake Form



Payment by cash or check upon appointment.

Cancellation and Late Policy 

If you must cancel your appointment, please do so ahead of time.  Otherwise, if you do not show for your appointment, you will be charged for the full amount.  This amount must be paid prior to your next appointment.  If you were to pay for your appointment with a gift certificate, then that certificate will be void.

If you arrive late, I may need to shorten your session.  Depending on how late you arrive, I will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a session.  You will be responsible for paying for a full session, regardless of the length of the massage given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get completely undressed?  I will work with you at your comfort level, always. If needed, I can work over your clothing. Please note, however, that it will be a completely different type of massage. Think chair massage without the chair. With that said, most clients do choose to undress completely. No one is ever fully uncovered. Breasts, buttocks, and pelvic area are never exposed.  There is always proper and modest draping throughout a session.  Only the area I’m working on will be uncovered (ex: an arm or a leg). My massage is modest and safe.

Will you be in the room when I get undressed?  You will have complete privacy as you undress and dress.  You will also have time to relax and make yourself comfortable on the table before I enter the room.

Do I have to talk?  There may be times when I will ask for feedback, but over-all, no you don’t have to talk.  I respect that.  I also commend you for allowing yourself that space and giving yourself permission to not talk.  If you do wish to talk, that’s okay too.  It’s all good!

How will I feel afterwards? I love post-massage comments! “I feel like Jell-O.”  “Even my little toe is smiling!”  ” I never felt so good, my headache’s gone.”  You’ll feel VERY relaxed and probably won’t want to rush off to the gym.   You may also, after a period of relaxation, experience increased energy.

Do you do deep massage work?  If necessary, yes. It depends on your particular needs, which will change from one massage to the next.  I am not about the “no pain, no gain” philosophy.  By gradually and properly warming-up your muscles I can actually work deeper, more effectively, and without it being painful.

What if I have a cold?  Please reschedule.  During a cold your body is already working hard to detoxify.  And yes, massage does wonders by increasing circulation and moving toxins along, but during a cold it’s not a good time to add to that. That can turn into a flooding of sorts that will exacerbate symptoms.  The best time to invest in the immune system benefits of massage is when you’re healthy.  The same can be said for the flu and any other contagious viral or bacterial infections.  Speaking of contagious, that’s another reason I ask you to kindly reschedule. I don’t want to risk passing infection to other clients.  Thank you.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my massage?  Yes!  Take full advantage of your appointment and let it begin before you arrive.  What? How?  Think massage!  Think deep breaths, relaxing, and slowing down.  Think mini-vacation!  Give yourself plenty of time so that you don’t have to rush out the door and on the highway.  Eat, but eat light. This will add to your comfort on the table.  And by all means, do not worry that you forgot to shave your legs! It’s fine, really.  The thought wouldn’t have occurred to me if it wasn’t said.

Isn’t 90 minutes too long to be on the table?  Ask me that same question ten minutes after your massage begins.  You’ll know the answer soon enough.

What if I fall asleep?  Congratulations! I have extra gold-star stickers for that. You received full benefits without being consciously aware.

What is your space like?  Private, safe, and dedicated to massage.  Adjacent to the massage room is a consultation room and bathroom.

What if I need to use the bathroom during my massage? Please tell me at any point.  Please don’t wait until you feel like you won’t be interrupting.  I want you to be comfortable at all times.  I will leave the room while  you cover yourself (with a towel or robe), use the bathroom, return, and settle into the table again.  Not a problem.

I can’t stand to be touched. I’m curious if massage can help.  If so, how?   I completely understand. Maybe massage isn’t for you.  Have you tried Reiki? As with massage, it too provides a deep level of relaxation while increasing clarity and energy. And the practitioner’s hands don’t even have to be touching your body.  (See rates page for more info.) If however, not wanting to be touched is due to previous trauma, especially physical abuse, simply considering massage as part of your healing plan is a major and brave step. Actually, your healing has already begun.  Together we can continue, gradually and safely, and create a treatment plan.  Your sessions will be specific to your needs. Perhaps to begin with you’ll decide that you’d like to try 10 minutes of Reiki or a hand massage while sitting in a chair. That alone, will help bring you back into your body and will be life-changing.  I assure you, you will always be  in control of the session.  It can and will be stopped at your request at any point. Your comfort, sense of safety, and well-being are priority.

Feel free to call or email with any other questions.