Aside from scheduling another massage, the greatest compliment I can receive is a referral.  Thank you for your trust. 


Massage therapy is beneficial to my health and well-being. I have been going to Jo for over ten years. She is very in tune with the stress and tightness in my muscles and does an excellent job with reducing it. I highly recommend her service.

Gail G. Williams

Trenton, NJ

Personal Fitness Trainer


Jo has been my massage therapist for almost fifteen years, but she has also become someone I like to call my friend. She may just be the kindest person I know. Not only for the relaxation, conversation and overall well-being she provides, but also for her gentle yet spirited personality. She always greets me with a warm smile, listens when I need to talk and respects my silence when I don’t want to talk. Her massage technique is tailored to whatever ails me at the time and I always leave feeling refreshed. Her flexibility with scheduling, the convenience and privacy of going to her home and her excellent massage capabilities will keep me coming back for many years to come!

Melanie Nord

Langhorne, PA

Project Manager, GlaxoSmithKline


I did something yesterday, thanks to Jo Freehand, that I wouldn’t have been able to do fifteen years ago. I got up early and took my kayak to Core Creek Park and kayaked for a couple of hours on Lake Luxenburg. Later on, I took a three-mile hike with my husband at Tyler State Park. And then still later on I went into my garden and dug up a Rose of Sharon bush and replanted it in another spot.

At 58 years old, I’m able to do more things now than I did fifteen years ago because I took the sage advice of my brother who urged me to go see Jo. At that time, I was an office drone working for eight hours on the computer and experiencing a real physical crisis. I couldn’t move my neck and left shoulder without substantial pain.

When I finally went to see Jo, I was impressed with her expert knowledge, deep care and comfortable professionalism. I was also impressed with my speedy recovery.

And as for her massage technique – it’s not only relaxing and therapeutic, but restorative as well. She knows where to go on my neck, back, and legs even before I do. And then she works it gently yet firmly until I can feel the release of tension, stiffness and tightness.

Yeah, I had a fun and productive day yesterday, and one of the big reasons for that is Jo.

Francine Robinson

Penndel, PA


My sessions with Jo continue to show me how much I keep forgetting how to really let go and relax.  Her massages are much more than just a massage.  Her skill level mixes with her keen sense of intuition and her ability to nurture.  And she creates a really lovely, as well as therapeutic experience each time I visit.  And I will continue to visit.  Thanks a lot Jo.

Carol Day

Trenton, NJ

Pathwork Helper, energetic healer, craniosacral therapist


Jo is experienced, deeply caring, intuitive, and an excellent massage therapist.  Jo is creative in her life and in her work.  And that sets her apart from the rest.

Dr. Susan Burger

Morrisville, PA

Dr. Susan Burger’s Vitality Center